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Pet Cleaning Process

Pet Cleaning Process

Excellent Carpet Cleaning offers fantastic value packages for your pet cleaning solution.

Preservation Pet Cleaning

Ultimate Pet Cleaning Solution for health and preservation of your carpets! Moderate to Heavy contamination.

Benefits of Preservation Pet Cleaning: (soil & stain protection application).

  • UV Light Inspection to Identify Concentrated Areas
  • Pre-vacuum pet hair & dander
  • We pre-spray all the spots & stains with special urine pre-conditioner to dissolve the urine solids
  • Agitation Machine to release contamination for removal
  • Enzyme Treatment to digest odors 
  • Steam extraction cleaning
  • Apply Soil & Stain Carpet Protection 

Preservation Pet Investment:

Investment: $1.20 per sq ft
Preservation Stairs: $8.50
Preservation Landing’s: $10.50

Reviver Pet Cleaning

Light to moderate contamination–subsurface may be required for concentrated areas upon inspection

Benefits of Reviver Pet Cleaning: (vacuuming. agitation, enzyme treatment)

  • Pre-vacuum pet hair & dander
  • We pre-spray all the spots & stains with special urine pre-conditioner to dissolve the urine solids
  • Agitation Machine to release contamination for removal
  • Enzyme odor digesting solutions to reduce odor levels. 
  • Steam extraction cleaning

Reviver Pet Investment:

Investment: $.98 per sq ft
Reviver Stairs: $6.50
Reviver Landing’s: $8.50

A La Carte Add On Services

  • Subsurface Extraction: $25 per concentrated area (2 ft. coverage in diameter)
  • Soil Block Fiber Protection:  $.25 per sq ft,
  • Large Furniture Moving (Beds, dressers..etc) $50.00-$125.00
  • De-Flea & Tick Application $.30 per sq ft
  • Pet Spotter………………………………………$15 plus tax
  • New Carpet or Padding…………………………TBD
  • Subfloor Sealing…………………………………TBD134074

Pets are great. The enduring value pets add to our lives cannot be overstated. However, sometimes they can be a bit messy, especially when they leave “presents” on your carpet. When that happens, call us up so we can assess the damage and choose the cleaning option best for you!

EVALUATE THE CONDITIONS. You can’t solve your pet stain problems without knowing the scope of the damage. You need a qualified professional for your pet cleaning solutions.




For light to moderate urine contamination where the backing and padding has not been saturated, a surface cleaning process is acceptable.

  • We pre-spray all the spots & stains with special urine pre-conditioner to dissolve the urine solids.
  • Because pets track their urine messes onto other areas of the carpets, we think that it’s a good idea to sanitize and deodorize the whole carpet! We use a specialized odor digesting solution to reduce odor levels.
  • With these options, we apply a non-toxic protective finish to make your carpets more resistant to staining and soiling in the future and give you an opportunity to clean up yourself more effectively.  This is an important consideration for those with animals who may be apt to repeat their “accidents”.


Once the carpet and pad are contaminated with urine, you have 3 options

A. Sub-Surface Extraction.  70-90% Successful
$25/per concentrated area (30 circle)

  1. From the top side of the carpet we pour a special cleaning solution on the urine spots, liquefying the urine deposits deep into the padding and backing.
  2. Next we utilize a powerful deep-extraction tool to remove the cleaning products and urine deposits.
  3. Finally we clean and sanitize the rest of the carpets as usual.
  4. The cost of sub-surface extraction is $25-$35 area (30? circle).  A discount for four or more areas applies.

Note: In some cases where contamination is severe, follow up visits may be required to continue odor reduction. Sometimes the first visit will give the initial punch, our goal is a knock out.

C. Sub Floor Sealing- Odor Removal — 99.99% Successful:
Pricing TBD Upon pre-inspection

  1. Pull up the carpet and replace contaminated padding. 
  2. Seal the floor; clean the back side of the carpet, let dry.
  3. Then seal the tuft bind (back side) to seal out any remaining residue (encapsulation).
  4. Next, we clean the top side and deodorize, followed by re-installation.
  5. Costs are generally ? to 2/3 the cost.
  6. Not recommended as a first option.

C. Replacement — 100% Successful.

If replacement is your choice, you must thoroughly clean the sub-floor and disinfect/seal it properly.  We perform this service and we also sell & install quality replacement carpets!  Cost varies depending on carpet and installation circumstances. Please call for a free quote!

NOTE: In some severe cases this option may make the most sense, which our flooring specialist will give a recommendation.

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